July 14, 2014

Cake lunch at conditoriet "La Glace"

Saturday my mother and I went for excellent cake "lunch" at the most well known patisserie in Copenhagen (conditoriet La Glace). We very lucky with the weather, meaning that most of the guests were sitting outside eating cake and drinking coffee, leaving us plenty of room for sitting inside, so we could breathe in the entire patisserie with it´s guest, cake ladies and cakes moving around with every single spoonful of our chosen cake !

I choose a slice of walnut cream cake and a raspberry macaroon, while my mother went of one of the famous cream cake from La Glace called the "Sport´s cake" ! Both cream cakes were excellent.

The walnut cream cake was made from two sponge cakes (made from almonds) with a tall layer of cream filling between. And the cream filling was flavoured with vanilla and of cause plenty of chopped walnuts. As top layer a icing layer with coffee flavour decorated with a glazed walnut. This cake has been giving me some new inspiration for make another walnut cream cake in my own little kitchen. I have recently been making this  walnut cream cake a la Svinkløv Badehotel, where the cream filling contained a combination of both chopped walnut and dark chocolate. However, a cream filling only with chopped walnut is appealing more to me, as I am NOT a great fan of dark chocolate.

The macaroon had a good refreshing taste of raspberry. However, the meringue part was to dry for my preference. I have a preference on a crispy meringue with a chewy inside.

Tea and one slide of cream costs 116 DKK in total. I will give this experience 5 stars.


  1. Min favoritkage fra laGlace er: Volmer Sørensens jubilæumslagkage:
    Creamy nougat in whipped cream, macaroon bottom, apricot jam, vanilla custard, marzipan. Decorated with green hazelnuts.
    Jeg glæder mig til at høre om dit næste valnøddelagkage forsøg!
    Hilsen Annette

    1. Hej Annette !
      Din favoritkage lyder nu også fantastisk, den må jeg smage ved lejlighed på La Glace. Og bare rolig, du skal nok høre om min næste forsøg på valnøddelagkage a la La Glace :-)



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