July 22, 2014

Tomato pie with basil and mozzarella

For another monthly blogging challenge called "Cooking with herbs" hosted by Karen from the lovely Lavender and Lovage, Karen has selected as the beautiful basil  the theme for July.

Basil is a herb, which requires warm climate for optimal growth. However, I have been able to have my own outdoor basil for the last 3-4 years on my south-facing terrace in a pot standing very, very close to my house without any difficulties.

I decided to make a combination using this recipe on tomato pie with oregano and basil by "Maden i mit liv" as inspiration combining it with the classic Summer appetiser of slices of tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese garnished with fresh basil and balsamico. The taste is fantastic, so I be making this pie again, when my tomato plants are booming with tomatoes.

Tomato pie with basil and mozzarella: - 4 servings

  • 1 roll of ready-to-use pie dough
  • 400 g cocktail tomatoes
  • 4 eggs
  • 200 g milk
  • 150 fresh mozzarella cheese - sliced
  • handful of fresh basil - chopped
  • salt and pepper for seasoning
  • basil for garnish
  1. Cover the pie tray with the pie dough, prick it with a fork and pre-bake the pie dough at 200'C for 10 minutes.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into halve. Place them with the cut surface up no the pre-baked pie dough
  3. Beat eggs, milk, slices of mozzarella cheese grated cheese, freshly chopped basil salt and pepper together.
  4. Pour the pie filling over the tomatoes.
  5. Bake the pie at 200'C in the middle of the (conventional) oven and let the pie bake for approx 30 minutes, until the surface is brownish and pie filling is firm.
  6. Garnish the tomato pie with some more fresh basil.


  1. What a STUNNING recipe Kirsten! I LOVE it and all the ingredients you have used! Thanks so much for linking up to Cooking with Herbs! Karen

    1. Hi Karen, the taste was fantastic. I have enjoy this pie as a light evening meal the last couple days, where the Summer weather has been very, very warm here in Denmark with temperature between 25-30'C. Kirsten


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