June 28, 2014

Dinner at Fur Strand Hotel

Yesterday evening I returned from a lovely stay on the small island of Fur located in the middle of Limfjorden. Here I spend two days at Fur Strand Hotel, which had been purchased as a sweet deal  incl one 3-course dinner back in Autumn 2013 for an excellent price of 1300 DKK for two persons. However, both the booking calendar of the hotel and the calendars of two busy working women meant, that the stay first took place two working days last week.
This was actually a perfect timing for us, as we went where during Midsummer time just before Summer vacation hit Denmark !!!! The weather was excellent, sunshine from very early morning to very late evening, so perfect weather for riding bikes around the island of Fur as well dozing in a hammock or on a sandy beach while reading a good book.

As starter we good a small salad of salmon in a dressing with cream cheese and some green stuff of some kind and one big scrimp served together with some excellent bread and butter.

The main course was grilled pork chop
with potatoes, carrot puree and vegetable saute served with new potatoes. The pork meat was very tasteful and quiet good.

The dessert was a panna cotta served together with passion fruit sauce, freeze-dried raspberry and a fresh strawberry.
Normally I always have a caving for more panna cotta, when served as a much smaller portion else where. However, this time the amount was very much over the top. The portion had the size of 250 ml dairy whipping cream. And the combination of quiet acidic passion fruit sauce and sweet panna cotta was not the best combination.

The service was excellent. So all in all I will four stars for this dinner.

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