June 09, 2014

Brunch at Glass Cafe at the Glass Museum, Ebeltoft

Some time ago my mother and I drove to Ebeltoft to have brunch at the Glascafeen på Glasmuseet in Ebeltoft using a "sweet deal", where we for 129 DKK got both brunch (148 DKK) as well as access to the Glass Museum (85 DKK), so a pretty good deal for us !

We started the brunch by being served yogurt made on milk from Naturmælk with homemade muesli and fruit syrup together with a morning shoot made from juice from beet root and ginger. At the same time we were served a glass of sparkling wine as well as juice.

Next part of the brunch were:

  • homemade bread with organic butter
  • scrambled eggs this baked tomatoes and homemade tomato ketchup with butcher master smoked bacon
  • blue mould cheese and firm Danish cheese served with home-made jams like apricot jam with chili, orange confit and apple jam
  • Italian salami and cooked ham with pickled red onions and pickles
As starting impression this part of the brunch did not look it would be enough. The waiter told us, when serving, that we needed more food, we should ask for it. However, the cafe did not want to waste too much by making overwhelming portion size. In the end the portion size has big enough to fill us and our stomachs. I will give this brunch 4 stars.

After having enjoyed the brunch we had a look at the Glass Museum, where is a mirror room with glass mosaic created by Tróndur Patursson from Faeroe Island. I adore this glass mosaics, which I enjoy on regular basis, as similar glass mosaics can be seen in one of the parking houses in Vejle

Who is looking at who ?

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