June 01, 2014

Asparagus feast at "Madhimlens Madhus" version 2014

Yesterday evening I went again together with some good friends to the annual asparagus feast at "Madhimlens Madhus" like we did in 2013. And it was yet another treat indulding our mouth and stomach :-)

Cod skeleton as crips holder
The feast started out in courtyard with a glass of champagne and cutting board full of fried asparagus and fried flounder, various crips of cheese and root fruits. Some of the crips were served in the backbone of cod skeleton playing a big role as crips holder (nice detail). The dips were fresh cheese (green colour) and curry flavour dip (yellow colour, big surprise !)

After a nice chat we went indoor to the really asparagus party, which started out with an appetizer in form of corn boiled in lobster bisque, dried tomatoes, green asparagus and plenty of  lumpfish roe decorated with chives.
Uuuhmm :-)

First starter without soup
 The first starter was asparagus soup, where the filling was white asparagus pickled with salty lemons, lightly smoked haddock, various green herb stuff and some unknown purple flowers. The soup was served using China coffee pot, another nice detail.
First starter  with soup

Second starter
The second starter was the green version of  asparagus with poached eggs, smoked beef and wild watercress, hazelnuts and green asparagus oil. Another mouthful of magic.

Main course

The main course was chicken from Hopballemølle, which was formed into a kind of a roll with crips dough around. The vegetable part were fried white asparagus, potatoes, small onions and mushrooms sauce.

After this main course we were starting to feel pretty filled in our stomachs. However, we still had the dessert to finish off with. And this was the very first dish of the evening NOT involving asparagus !!!!, which was a bit disappointing, as the asparagus was an ingredient in 2013 as well in the dessert. Well, the taste of the dessert was perfect without the asparagus !!!!

One part was rhubarb clafoutis served together with vanilla ice cream and rhubarb foam having a very light structure. 

For this meal I was paying 550  DKK incl 1/3 of bottle of white wine.  I will give this experience 5 stars. I will already now warn you, that I will be returning again for the asparagus feast taking place in 2015.

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