January 03, 2016

Bread book about cooking pot breads "Det æltefri grydebrød"

I have recently found a bread book with focus on making breads without kneading, which afterwards is baked in a cooking pot in a fan oven at 250'C with the lid on for some part of the baking time. It also referred to the Best Bread of the World !

Baking a cooking pot bread is very easy and it does not involve, that you have to touch the dough with your fingers, which can be disliked by some persons (not me in person). The bread dough is stirred together with a cooking spoon in a large mixing bowl prior to the resting time. After the resting/raising time the bread dough is poured in a very, very hot cooking pot and baked.

Before you start to bake your own cooking pot bread you should be aware of, that the bread process is a time consuming process, as the resting process takes a minimum of 14 hours prior to the actual baking of the bread. So making cooking pot bread is much more of a planning process than a kneading process.

This bread book is written in Danish. The title is "Det æltefri grydebrød" and is written by Kirsten Skaarup.

So you will in the future be able to read more, as I bake my way through this new bread book in my little kitchen.

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