January 07, 2016

January equals citrus fruits

January equals citrus fruits

After December, which for me always seams to be a short month of approx 3 weeks due to the many holidays, a longer, darker and perhaps colder month in form of January arrives after the joyful light Christmas month.

The good thing about January is, that the days becomes something like 1-5 minutes longer day by day. And snow covered landscape can also brings more light into a dark time.

Another brilliant thing about January is, that it is the peak season for citrus fruit such as mandarin, clementine, orange, blood orange (my favourite citrus fruit), grapefruit, lime and lemon, so providing you with very options of filling up on C-vitamin to fight of the season of colds.

So here in January I will have focus on using all the lovely citrus fruits in my kitchen for sure to make some jam, freshly squeezed juice and perhaps even some cake ?

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