January 16, 2016

Visit by "Stilpigerne" 2016

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of having a nice group of girl friends coming by for drink, snack, coffee/tea, bread and cakes combined with a great talk of what is on-going in our life's right here and now. We refer to each other as "Stilpigerne", which could be translated into "The Stylish Girls", as we meet up back 17 years ago, when we individual signed up for a course on make-up and cloth style. And as a group we clicked, and since when we have been meeting regular every 2-3 month.

We started by having some ordinary cripes served together with a mixture of cocktail tomatoes, cucumber and carrots served together with humus with lemon.

Afterwards I served some chocolate bun made from a bread flour mix, which had a great taste, so here I have find a recipe on. The cake part was a lemon moon mazarin cake.

I received a nice collection of hostess gifts in form of chocolate, tea, liquorice and "home-made" egg. "Home-made" eggs are eggs from one of my girl friends own farm chicken.

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