April 03, 2016

April equals blooming Spring

April equals blooming Spring

The daylight has taken control again here in Denmark, where we now have more than 13 hours of daylight here in beginning of April. In the garden you can see, how the spring bulbs as well as plant are growing from day to day on the sunny days. And when we are out rowing on the Fjord of Vejle we can from rowing session to rowing session see, how the trees have changed from the plain grey colours every where to having more and more of a green touch. I am looking forward to, when we will be able to see the big white and green carpets of wood anemones in forests along the fjord.

In end of April we will be celebrating Store Bededay (Prayer Day) here in Denmark by filling our stomachs with buttered "hveder" (cardamon wheat buns with butter).

Last month focus on Easter and wafers resulted in 6 blog posts fitting with this specific theme (wafers with cinnamon and apple syrupEaster bunBelgian wafers, wafers with lemon and liquoricecherry ice cream and Hot-cross buns with tea and lemon).


  1. That Cardamon wheat buns looks perfect with butter. Sounds perfect breakfast for this spring season.

    1. Hi Trisha,

      thank you for your comment. The buns are perfect for both breakfast, afternoon tea and evening coffee.

      Many kitchen greeting Kirsten


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