May 20, 2017

Strawberry-champagne marzipan in white chocolate

As a little sweet treat I have been making strawberry-champagne marzipan coated in white chocolate and sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberries as preparation for my up-coming birthday.

The strawberry-champagne marzipan has been brought at Odense Marcipan as a special marzipan. So I did only have to cut the marzipan into smaller pieces, which were rolled into small bread shape follwed by coating in white chocolate.

Strawberry-champagne marzipan in white chocolate: - approx 20 pieces

  • 450 g strawberry-champagne marzipan
  • 300 g white chocolate
  • freeze-dried raspberries
  1. Cut the marzipan into smaller pieces, which is rolled into bread shape by hand.
  2. Temper the white chocolate to 29-31'C.
  3. Dip one piece of marzipan by the time into the melted white chocolate. Let the chocolate drip of, before the pieces in placed on a piece of baking paper, while it hardens.
  4. Sprinkle the white chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries.
  5. Store the marzipan sweet in an air-tight container, perhaps in the refrigerator.

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