May 30, 2017

Birthday coffee for the rowers 2017

After the birthday lunch it was time for my rowing friends to come around for equal traditional birthday coffee. A classic Danish birthday coffee contains three key ingredients: freshly baked bun served with plenty of butter, cream cake and hot chocolate. Hot chocolate or chocolate has no space inside my kitchen, as I DISLIKE the taste of hot chocolate and cocoa milk !!! I still recall my dislike, when I as a child was served hot chocolate at the other children´s birthday :-(

This year I had not selected rhubarb as a specific theme as last year, but two of the four things served did contain rhubarb, as the rhubarbs in my garden is almost a jungle.

We started with the usual glass of sparkling wine to the talk running, before we sat down and enjoyed the saffron buns. These buns more or less equal birthday celebration for me, as the use of saffron in huge amount is a great way to celebrate life/birthdays.

Afterwards it was time for the first rhubarb cake in the form of rhubarb cake from the cake book "Helt i kage" by Camilla Plum. For one cake 800 g of rhubarb pieces was required ! This is a quiet big amount of rhubarb, however a great way of controlling my rhubarb "jungle" :-)

The first rhubarb cake was followed by the second cake in form of a rhubarb cream cake, where ½ l dairy whipping cream was mixed with 500 g rhubarb compote, this gives a fantastic taste.

For those of my guests still having room in their stomach they could enjoy a sweet treat in form of strawberry-champagne marzipan in white chocolate. I will be sharing the various recipe from this birthday lunch in the very near future.

I received some very nice birthday gift in form of a water-proff seabag, a green glass vase (Lyngby) for my glass window and a small green ceramic bird by Anne Black. Thank you very much to my rowing friends for some great gifts and your excellent company :-)


  1. All the dishes that you’ve mentioned in this post looked nice and appetizing. I’m specially glad to have found the strawberry-champagne marzipan recipe. I made a few samples of those yesterday and they turned out great. So I’ll definitely be making those for my son’s birthday party tomorrow at one of the amazing venues in Los Angeles.

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