May 21, 2017

Birthday lunch for the girl friends

I have been celebrating my upcoming birthday today with a lunch for the girl friends and my mother (could be referred to as the extended family). 

We started off the lunch with a sparkling cocktail, a rhubarb version of French 75, where the plain gin and lemon juice had been replaced with rhubarb gin and rhubarb cordial. A glass of bobbles always get the talking going :-)
The lunch menu was Skagensrøre, patty shells with asparagus and scrimps and pie with bacon, mushrooms, spinach and Gryere cheese.

Afterwards a cheese board followed by cream cake with rhubarb compote and white chocolate cream  and strawberry-champagne marzipan sweet treat. I will be sharing the various recipe from this birthday lunch in the very near future.

As birthday gifts I got Haute Couture Tea from TWG Tea and a green ceramic vase. And as you can see, my girl friends have a great grip of my favourite colour :-)

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