September 11, 2018

Shopping of Thya products

 Last week I was yet another rowing trip together with a small group of rowers. This time we were enjoying the Western part of the big Danish fjord system called Limfjorden. In order to get the count of rowers to fit with the number of seats in the rowing boat, one rower had to spend either ½ or a whole day on land.

Being "the shopper" of the group I spend a couple of hours in both Lemvig and Nykøbing Mors, where I trawled the local shops. Besides from buying various cloths in form of rain cloth, training cloth, three new dresses and a long kimono I also found a shop with various special food items (wine, alcohol, tea, confectionery, cheese and jam).

In this shop I found different boxes of confectionery candy at only 20% of the original price due to end of shelf-life day and some local Thya products in form of apple juice and gin. The Thya gin contains local herbs/berries from the local area f Thy such as juniper, buckthorn, blueberry, pine spruce and angelica root. I am looking to taste both the apple juice as well as the gin.

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