September 25, 2018

China tea cups

In connection with celebrating my round birthday of 50 years round birthday of 50 years I had to come up with a list of possible birthday gifts !!! In my opinion these suggestions should be something, that I could appreciate in my new decade with pleasure on a regular basis.

As most of you probably already know, if you are regular reader, I really like to host an afternoon tea with a theme of some kind for good friends. And the only thing I have missed in this connection have been some real tea cups in china. Not coffee cups, but the real flat and delicate tea cups. So after a visit to a Royal Copenhagen Flagship store I found, that the series called "Prinsesse" and "Musselmalet Halvblonde" would suit my eye/taste.

Luckily my various birthday guests can along with their arms full of great presents including two sets of Prinsesse and Musselmalet Halvblonde, so now I have invite 3 guests for a real fine afternoon tea party :-)

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