September 04, 2018

Shopping from Den Gamle By

Together with a good rowing friend I recently visited the exhibition of some of the the Danish Queen's dresses at the musuem "Den Gamle By" in Aarhus.

At this outdoor museum you can see various types of town houses from different locations in Denmark, which has been re-build at this museums. In some of the houses they have created different shops, where you can buy souvenirs with relation to the museum.

In some of these shops I found two post cards with old Danish classic commercials, one for oat flakes and the second for vanilla pods. I also brought a glass vase for force growing hyacinth during Winter time in the living room.

And finally some tea from Perchs in form of a special version created specific for the museum in form of both a special decoration of the museum on the tin and off cause the tea. The tea is a mixture of black & green tea with addition of rose petals, jasmin flowers and flower flavouring.

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