October 14, 2018

Pecan nuts and baking magazines from US

Back again in my own little kitchen after a busy week in the US attending an internal company conference. We had a busy schedule from 7 AM to 8 PM all days, however some of us still managed to find both a supermarket in form of Whole Food (nick named whole pay check by our American colleagues) and a shopping mall, where we found some great stuff in Macy's, which was having a sale :-)

As the space in my suitcase was limited due to the shopping for cloth and boots in Macy´s, I only had room for some bags of pecan nuts, a small bag of gourmet gummies with champagne flavour and three baking magazines with focus on baking for the Autumn season and cookies.

My plan so fare is to bake a pecan pie and perhaps scones with pecan nuts. The pecan nuts could also be used for Mont Blanc tarts.

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