October 09, 2018

Tea cups in Blå Blomst

During my recent shopping exhibition in the Limfjord area I stumbled over the retro/antique shop KrejlerbiXen in Nykøbing Mors. As I had already brought a local gin and plenty of dresses, I decided to have a look inside this shop as well.

And here I located some tea cups made by Royal Copenhagen in a old pattern call "Blå Blomst", which is no longer in production. I found this pattern to fit perfect into the style of my other China tea cups in the pattern "Prinsesse" and "Musselmalet Halvblonde", so I went away with 2 tea cups, plates and serving dish for cookies. I also stumbled over a vase in my favorite colour of green, but more this vase at a later time.

So now I can invite 5 guests for a real fine afternoon tea party :-) And my good rowing friends were joking about, that now I could invite all of them around for afternoon tea and they would bring their own individual tea, as we each have our own personal preferences within tea (black, green or herbal), This means, that we on rowing trip bring along these individual teas with us, as we cannot agree about what tea is best !!

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