January 23, 2019


The colour of this juice reminds me about drinking liquid sunshine, which is a great feeling to get on grey Winter day. The taste of this juice is also fantastic :-)

Your fingers and other things getting in contact with the turmeric part of the juice will get a yellow colour, which can last for some time. My finger nails had yellow colour for approx 1 day after making this juice.

ORANGE POWER: 6-8servings
  • 1000 g orange - peel the orange before juicing the citrus fruit
  • 500 g clementines - peel the clementines before juicing the citrus fruit
  • 1000 g carrots - no need for peeling the carrots, only washed
  • 20 g turmeric - no need for peeling, only washed
  • 20-40 g fresh ginger - no need for peeling, only washed
  1. Clean all the ingredients.
  2. Juice everything together.
  3. Store cold, can be stored 2-3 days in the refrigerator.
  4. Enjoy :-)

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