October 18, 2019

Gin & magazine shopping in England

I have recently been in UK on a business trip. I had a two night stay at a hotel in Manchester Airport, so in theory I could have travelling with a small suitcase, but as usually I went travelling with my large suitcase, so I could bring back several big bags of 1.4 kg of with my favourite müsli in form of Alpen No Sugar Added Müsli (the Alpen in the blue bags).

I also found several magazines in form of Country Living, Good Housekeeping with focus on Autumn and a magazine only with Christmas food recipes from BBC. And these types of magazine actually have a heavy weight.

And yes, I did find two new gins, one in Manchester Airport and the other one in Billund Airport. The gin selection in Billund Airport is quiet extensive.

The first gin is Chase oak ages sloe & mulberry gin (brought in Billund Airport). I am familiar with sloe gin, but the use of mulberry was new to me. And mulberries is a favourite fruit of mine.

The second gin is 9 Lives blackberry gin liqueur from Silent Pool Distillers (brought in Manchester Airport). The wording 9 lives and small figures of cats on the label was very appealing to me as the "land lady" of a ginger cat.

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