October 13, 2019

Week-end DIY project with Japanese quince

Last Autumn it was the first time for me to work with quinces in form of the big pear quinces, which I turned into quince jam. It is pretty difficult to work these big quinces into smaller pieces prior to the boiling process. However, but the flavour of the raw quinces as well as during the cooking is fantastic and naturally the taste of the final jam is just great.

This time I have a cardboard box full of Japanese quinces from a colleagues garden. And on the way from work I had the most fantastic smell of quinces in the car.

As the Japanese quinces are much smaller in size compared to the bigger pear quinces, I decided to turn these Japanese quinces into quince jelly as well as quinces cordial, so I did not have to peel all these small quinces. However, I did decide to remove all of the seeds from the core, as I really dislike the bitterness from these type of seeds.

I will share the recipes on both quince jelly quince jelly and quince cordial in the upcoming week.

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