October 08, 2019

Knitting festival in Horsens October 2019

Two days ago I participated in Horsens Strikkefestival together with an old friend from high school. We had signed up for two knit workshops.

As mentioned previously we participated in two knitting workhops

The first workshop was on Neverkont, which is knitting small squares, which afterwards will look like braided knit. Here you knit forward and backwards on smaller sections adding as well as reducing the amount of knit masks. And this knitting style gives smaller squares in a pattern.

I will try to knit a bigger sample as a another test, so I/you can see the neverkont in bigger version.

The second workshop was double knitting, so the pattern on the back side is the negative side of the pattern on the front side. Here the yarn colours for test knit was quiet close to each other, so it is difficult to see the actual pattern.

This way of knitting requires a lot of attention, as the yarn is either behind or in front of the knit mask. Again, here I try it again on my with two yarn colours with bigger colour variation.

After the work shops we had a look around the exhibition area with the many yarn companies. And here I found yarn for three new knitting projects in form of a shawl in Autumn colours, a poncho in green colours and finally a sweater in the colour of orange. But first I have finish with the knitting of the Mosegenser sweater.

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