October 31, 2019

Neverkont knit sample


At the knitting festival in Horsens this October I participate in two knitting work shop together  with an old friend from high school. The first work shop was a knitting technic called Neverkont,
which is knitting small squares, which afterwards will look like braided knit. Here you knit forward and backwards on smaller sections adding as well as reducing the amount of knit masks. And this knitting style gives smaller squares in a pattern.

At the knitting work shops I was testing out this technic in cotton yarn. However, I decided to try out this new technic again at myself using some thicker yarn. And above you can a photo of this knit test in full scale. I do not imaging, that I will ever knit a sweater using this technic, but perhaps a sofa cushion could be a option.

If you use yarn in different colours, as I have been doing the important thing is to use yarn with similar thickness. I did not do that for the finished knit test, so the squares are not equal in size, which pull the knit in different direction.

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