June 19, 2020

Vibe Summer dress - fifth progress

It has been some time since I last have shared a progress status on this Vibe summer dress (fourth progress). I had done all the knitting, but before I started to saw the dress together, I decided to try the dress. This was a very good decision, because I could see, that the dress was to short !!!

Therefore I yet another time had to reel up the entire knitted upper part down to the second part of the dress. I when decided to increase the length of both the second part with another 5 cm and the third middle part with another extra 5 cm.

I have just tried on the dress again, and now I am ready to saw the dress to together. I have also finished the knitting of the two arms. As the dress and arms are asymmetric in shape, I think the part of the process can be just as challenging for me as the knitting part.

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