June 21, 2020

Vibe Summer dress is finished

At last !!! My new knitted Summer dress is finished :-) I brought the yarn for this knit dress at the knitting festival in Horsens February this year . The yarn is Dunlin (55% linen % 45% cotton), and model is called "Vibe" and it is designed by Else Schjellerup.

I have adjusted the size scaling up from the recipe, so it would fit my body. The scaling up was quiet easy to do. I also decided to knit this dress using circular knitting needle instead of the usual type of knitting needles. This means, that I afterwards do not have sew the dress together.

After several set backs with the knitting (pattern not fitting & the length of the dress being too short) I have finally managed to sew the dress together as well as knitting an edge around the sleeves and neckline.

The yarn and recipe costed 660 DKK (= 87 €).

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