February 24, 2020

Knitting festival in Horsens February 2020

Yesterday I participated again in Horsens strikkefestival Horsens Strikkefestival together with two friends. All of us had signed up for two knit workshops.

The first workshop was on multi rib knitting, which covered further development within ribbing. We tried out three different types of multi rib pattern.
I was struggling a lot with the first pattern, as it seems quiet strange for my mind. However, I really liked the obtained pattern, as it looked a little as lace pattern.
The remaining two multi rib pattern I did not struggle, here I got the pattern more easily into my fingers. 

The first workshop is weave knitting, which will create pattern and structure in the knitting.

The second work shop was on weave knitting, where you are able to create texture and structure into your knitting.

Again here we tried out three different pattern (rice corn, butterfly and dimples. For the rice corn pattern we tested the impact of using different size of knitting needles on achieved pattern.

Both workshops were led by Jytte Pallisgaard, which is an excellent instructor.

To learn about weave knitting I brought a book containing 70 different weave pattern.

I think I will trying out these knitting technics again here at home to get a better understanding of them.

After the work shops we had a look around the exhibition area with the many yarn companies. And here I found yarn for four new knitting projects in form of knit poncho with arms, yarn in thin blue mohair for a cardigan, yarn in orange colour for Oslo sweater by Petit Knit and finally a summer dress in cotton & linen. There was a good discount on the yarn for both the cardigan and Oslo sweater, so therefore it was very tempting to buy this yarn.

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