February 01, 2020

February - what´s up

February - what´s up ?

I have noticed the first crocus putting up their head in my lawn, here in the beginning of February, which is very early. So, wonder when the garden lion can role around in the crocus in the lawn this year ?
After a month where some people have been doing their best to ride off the extra Christmas calories during a "white" January in it is time again to have some more fun in form of calories from either butter or alcohol or both, not necessarily in combination.

So after a "white" January it is time again to enjoy some more calorie rich buns in connection with Shrovetide. A Shrovetide bun can be made from either a yeast dough or pastry dough. The inside of the bun can either be a cream fiiling or a mixture with marzipan as key ingredients. I personally have a preference for Shrovetide buns made from yeast dough with a marzipan filling.

Another key event in February is Valentines day (14 February), which I again will be celebrating in my kitchen making some heart sharped stuff.

So, lets start this last Winter month of February with a little inspiration for you and your kitchen. If you should have any ideas, which I could use for the upcoming Shrovetide buns and/or Valentine, please feel free to leave a comment :-)

Valentine romance scones

I hope you will look by my kitchen from time to time here in February to see, what I am trying out :-)

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