February 09, 2020

Sweater in orange - part 3

The sweater after 3½ work days full of meetings

The sweater before the meeting days

I recently shared with you the status on my orange sweater, before I was about to participate in 3½ days at work full of meeting starting Monday at lunch time. The "before" photo you see to right.

After having spend 3½ work days full of meetings activities I managed to finish knitting the two arms of the sweater, and when knit the lower part of the sweater together with the two arms. You can see the "after" photo at the top of this blog post.

The very interesting part of knitting on my sweater during these various work meetings was the interest and interactions, which I had with many of my work colleagues. Many were quiet interested as well as fascinated about the progress and even taking photos of the sweater :-)
And all of my colleagues fully understood, that I had full attention on, what was going on during the meetings.

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