February 29, 2020

Knit cap is finished incl. fur top

I have finalised the knitting of this cap using a recipe from my local yarn shop Garn i skovhytten here in Vejle. The applied yarn is Onion knit No. 4, which is made from 70% organic wool and 30% nettle fibers. And I tell you, that the nettle is NOT burning your ears.

I have adjusted the length of the knit cap from 27 cm mentioned in the recipe to 29, so it fits my head perfect. As finishing touch I have brought a fur top, which is added to the knit cap using a push bottom. SO, you can take the fur top of the knit cap and put it on a another knit cap. You can also remove the fur top, when you have to wash the knit cap.

My next knit project is the sweater called Striber på langs by PetitKnit.

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