June 20, 2020

Elder flower gin tonic - version 1

It is high season for blooming elder flower and I have just finished my first portion of elder flower cordial a la Lønnestræde. Some of it I decided to use for making a new version of this elder flower gin tonic. Instead of using elder flower tonic I used a combination of normal/plain gin tonic together with my freshly made elder flower cordial.

Elder flower gin tonic - version 1: - 1 cocktail
  • 6 cl elder flower gin by "Nordic by Nature"
  • 20-25 cl classic Fever Tree tonic
  • 3 cl elder flower cordial 
  • 1 stem of elder flower
  • ice cubes
  1. Pour the gin & elder flower cordial into a high ball glass.
  2. Add in the ice cubes.
  3. Place the stem of elder flower
  4. Fill the glass up with classic tonic.
  5. Enjoy and enjoy the Summer :-)

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