January 02, 2011

Grønne kranse - green wreath-shaped bread

"Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 2 accomplished = 71 recipes to bake

After I have accomplished my first bread recipe from the the bread book "Hjemmebagt" I was ready to try a new recipe today. I decided to bake Grønne kranse (green wreath-shaped bread).

The green part is coming from stinging nettles. As it is winter time it is impossible to use fresh stinging nettles. Any way if it had been summer, I would not have use fresh nettles, as just the thought about getting hold of the nettles is too scary. I would have been burning my hands, arms and legs collecting these nettles !!!!

I wonder, it kneading with fresh nettles will burn your hands ?

However, you can buy dried stinging nettles in the shops in Denmark :-))) So I did not burn my hands and arms making these bread with nettles.

The bread has a nice looking shape and it tastes great. And I managed to get the bread right in my first go, so I can start to look into finding and baking my third recipe from "Hjemmebagt.

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  1. uhhhmmmmmm de ser gode ud..... bliver helt sulten...


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