January 17, 2011

"Force feeding" my colleagues with leftovers Christmas cookies

I have been "force feeding" my colleagues with leftovers of my "home made" Christmas cookies. They think, that I do them a favour by providing them with some sweets for their afternoon coffee. Actually they are doing me a great favour by eating all these "empty" calories coming from butter and sugar !!!!

I was one of 25 lucky persons, who got a place at the Christmas baking event at work, which took place two weeks before Christmas. The baking took place in a professional bakery situated at work, and two bakers were "supporting" us during the event incl. taking 100% care of the actual baking process, so none of cookies were burned.

We were divided into four working group, each making one Christmas cookie, in big portions of 13-15 kg, so every participants would get approx 400 g of each cookies after baking and different tasting "sessions" of both dough and freshly baked cookie.

I was in the low technology group only using a "plain" mixer, while the other groups got to use many different types of baking equipment.

Anyway, it was funny, busy evening, where I got home with 1.5 kg in total of four different Christmas cookies.


  1. Hej
    Det ser rigtig hyggeligt ud og ja det er jo lige fø jeg savner Danico..... altså kun dig og alle dine kager....

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  3. Hi prolix,

    thank you for your kind comment.

    Best regards, Kiki


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