January 28, 2011

Food shopping in Paris January 2011

When I am able to combine business trips with various types of shopping/pleasures it is perfect !
During my short visit to Paris this week I managed to drink afternoon tea at Ladurée, tea shopping at Kusmi, food shopping in Monoprix and finally a nice meal at the bistro called Le Congress located at port Maillot.

On my trips to Paris I always bring a cooling bag in my suitcase, so I am able to bring yogurt and various cheeses back home.

I do NOT eat Danish yogurt at all !!! as I find them to be to
too acid/sour combined with very uninteresting/boring fruit combination. I not eat yogurt as part of my breakfast, but I instead of I eat yogurt as an afternoon/evening snack, so an acidic strawberry is not working wonder in my mouth.

So I always buy a selection of yogurt. My favourite yogurt is either with peach or apricot.

Instead of buying Kusmi tea in the supermarket I decided to find one of the Kusmi shops. The Kusmi shop on Champs-Elysées is quiet small and very trendy, so I went to another Kusmi in Avenue Niel, where the shop (in old style) is located in a backyard. Here I found the entire tea selection, so some of tea I have not seen before in other shops. It was also possible to buy all the Kusmi as refill for one´s collection of these trendy tea tins.

For my own teapot I found two new Kusmi tea, which I have not tasted before. The first tea is Violette, black China tea with scents of violet (again another flower thing, which I simply have to try). The second tea is Label Impérial (a new Kusmi tea), which is a blend of green China tea flavoured with orange, vanilla and cinnamon, liquorice roots and sea buckthorn berries. I am looking forward to drink these teas.

Besides from yogurt and cheese I found some interesting spices products in form of a pear compote with pepper and a herb mix in Alsace style for use in bread.

Another buy of mine was some biscuits in rosa tin, which I bought due the tin and the discount. I have no idea, what these biscuits are, so they will be interesting to taste.

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