December 08, 2011

Christmas Calendar Door 8 - Daim confect

I continue my Christmas calendar with yet another recipe on Christmas candy (confect), this time a mix of plain marzipan with Daim chocolate coated with milk chocolate.

I have got the recipe from my Tupperware cousin. In the original recipe the ratio of Daim chocolate to marzipan is smaller than I am using. Also the coating is done with dark chocolate. However, as I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate, I decided to exchange the dark chocolate with milk chocolate.

As usual I am melting the chocolate in the microwave oven

Daim confect:

  • 2 Daim bar (56 g)
  • 300 g marzipan
  • 150 milk chocolate
  1. Grate the Daim chocolate bar in a chopper into small fine pieces
  2. Knead the marzipan and Daim pieces together.
  3. Form the marzipan mass into ball shape.
  4. Coated the marzipan balls with melted milk chocolate.

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