December 04, 2011

Food shopping in Germany December 2011

Part of Hannibal the Cat together with sugared orange and lemon peels

This week-end two good friends and I went on Advent tour to the North-West part of Germany (Schleswig Holstein area) visiting Tönning, Friederichstardt and Husum.

And visits to various supermarkets were an important part of this tour, as the selection is so much larger in Germany and the prices are smaller compared to Denmark. Some times the price level is 50% lower or even more in Germany compared to Denmark.

So this time my shopping bags were filled up with:

  • sucat - sugared lemon peel
  • sugared orange peel
  • korinths
  • pistachio nuts - minced
  • yellow and green food colour
  • sugar writing tubes in yellow, brown, green and red colour
  • herb tea with verbena, lavender and thyme
  • Amarena sour cherries in syrup
  • Almond cream
  • pistachios cream
  • Alsacian plum jam
  • Lavender honey
  • Three different type of stollens (German Christmas cake)
  • Pepper cakes

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