December 27, 2011

Closing Christmas of 2011 with cheese tapas

As we found the cheese tapas from Osteriet Vejle to be a nice alternative to the traditional Danish Christmas lunch, my girl friends and I decided to repeat last year menu for annual Christmas lunch get together.

Perhaps the menu was not dominated by Christmas, but the "liquid food" had enough Christmas character to make it "real" Christmas lunch.

The "liquid" menu was:

This Christmas lunch is for me is relaxing way of putting a closure to Christmas as well as looking forward to an approaching 2012 in the wonderful company of some very good girl friends, while talking, laughing, eating and drinking.

I received some lovely hostess gifts in form of home-made jam, a bowl full of hyacinths (I really like the wonderful of hyacinths) and a NEW cooking book (Spise med Price by the father to Adam and James Price)

Instead of the usual Danish Christmas lunch (aquavit, marinated herrings, fried fish, ham, red cabbage, Danish pate, cheese etc), my girlfriends and I decided this year to have Christmas tapas created by my local cheese "pusher".
However, the Christmas aquavit was still an important ingredient, even though the food was replaced with different slices of Parma ham and sausages, pate and some very good tasting cheeses.

I really enjoy this annual Christmas lunch with the girlfriends (after both a busy December month and some busy Christmas days), where I have the feeling of saying goodbye to Christmas with pleasure looking forward to an approaching new year in the company of some very good freinds, while eating,  drinking, talking and laughing.

The garden lion was as well very keen to participate doing his best to steal some sausages without luck. Even the black olives were in danger of being eaten by Hannibal the cat.
The history ended today, while I was at work, and the cat "killed"/smashed the butter bowl, while  eating butter. How the cat can both smell and locate butter in a closed butter bowl is beyond my imagination.

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