December 07, 2011

Tea Christmas Calendar for myself

Some people are having a Christmas Calendar with chocolate inside. However, I am the type of person, who will empty the entire chocolate calendar on the very first day of December.
When I did that as child, my mother decided it was the last year, that I would get a chocolate Christmas Calendar.

When you buy various Christmas Calendars in tea shops, which costs approx 600 DKK and contain a mix of chocolate, tea, jam, beer and coffee. Here I find the price to high.

Anyway I found this teashop (,
where I could get a organic tea Christmas Calendar for reasonable price. So I decided to give it a go and downloaded a tea calendar for myself. So while I writing this blog posting, I am drinking my first portion of Calendar tea in form of Rooibos Tea with apple. 

Also their Christmas Tea found it´s way into the shopping basket. It is black tea with cinnamon, cloves and orange peel, everything being organic. I am looking forward to try this Christmas tea.


  1. Nogle gange ville jeg bare ønske at jeg drak mere the - og TUSINDE TAK for de lækre ting du sendte til mig :-)

    Mange hilsner

  2. Hej Birthe !

    Selv tak. jeg håber du vil nyde den fremsendte blog præmie.



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