December 30, 2011

Follow up on Christmas Calendar 2011

I have been having a lot of fun making my very own Christmas Calendar in my little kitchen here in 2011, just like they do in TV ! Well not in my kitchen, but perhaps an idea for the upcoming 2012  for Brødrene Price ? I am sure Hannibal the Cat would become a fantastic fur star, and I am myself just like the brothers a dedicated fan of using butter, plenty of butter in my cooking and baking.

Reviewing your visits in my Christmas Calendar, I have made a TOP 5 over the most popular Christmas Calendar Doors according to you:
  1. Baked marzipan confect - door 7
  2. Daim confect - door 8
  3. Cocoa marzipan confect with blackcurrant - door 11
  4. Lebkuchen - door 12
  5. Christmas Liqueur - door 2
So from this I will make the conclusion, that you are great fan of Christmas confect containing plenty of marzipan, German style Christmas cookies like Lebkuchen (not being perfect at all - here I am on the look out for much better recipe) and alcohol !!! I assume this profile is fitting 120% of most of us Danes.

I have a small survey (poll) running another 24 hours, so until the very end of 2011, if you were following this Christmas Calendar of mine and if you would like me to create a 2012 version of a similar Christmas Calender.
I will be making less confect in the 2012 version, as I completely filled up with all this Christmas confect !! I have been thinking about making family recipes from around the world and/or Denmark, which work colleagues as well as friends would like to share with you in my little kitchen.

So use your freedom to share your opinion on Christmas Calender 2012 either through the on-going poll and/or leave a comment here on this specific blog posting.

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