March 28, 2013

Easter tea for my tea cup 17

Today it is Maundy Thursday, which is an official holiday here in Denmark, and the very beginning of the Easter holiday, juhuu - as the next working day in Tuesday the 2 April, so 5 holiday days are in upfront of us Danes right here and now.

As for the Easter holiday I have bought an Easter tea, which is a mix of black tea with addition of white chocolate pearls, marigold and aroma. When ever you take the lid of the tea storage container, the aroma surrounds you and your nose being very overpowering. The taste of the tea is also very sweet, and you can see a floating fat layer on top of the tea, coming from the melted white chocolate.

It is both the first, last and the final time, which I will buy this specific Easter tea, as it is too sweet for my tea palate combined with an overwhelming nauseous aroma. If you are on the outlook for a fantastic tea for your tea cup you should try to get hold of this Easter tea from Frere Mariage.

I will be back tomorrow with a suggestion on, what you can do in your kitchen.

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