March 10, 2013

"Gold ore" lunch for fellow rowers

As a "thank you" to my fellow rowers for rowing together with me during the season of 2012, so I managed to cross the magic figure of 1500 km required for a "Gold Ore" (actual I rowed 1764 km in 2012, which is the highest number of km, which I have ever rowed in a season), I decided to invite the rowers, who have spend most time together with me in the rowing boat, for lunch today.

Actually if you estimate, that you row 6 km per hour - 1764 km equals 294 hours of rowing last season or 12 days and 6 hours.

Rye bread & rosemary bread
As for the "Silver Ore" lunch last year I contacted my local "cheese pusher" (Osteriet) for make both a cheese as well as sausages selection, so I could spend yet some more "quality time" baking more of the recipes in the bread book "Hjemmebagt".

I decided to bake the very first rye bread, which I have ever baked myself, in form of a fast rye bread (Hurtigt-rugbrød), raised with baking powder instead of the usual sour dough. And as the white bread I baked a bread called Rosmarinbrød (rosemary bread). Besides from bread I also served two different types of home-made biscuits (rye biscuits with cumin and Digestive biscuits).

My fellow rowers know too well, as I got a big glass of liquorice coated in chocolate and roll in liquorice powder together with a wise owl as hostess gift.

After drying the table cloth used for the lunch outside, I took it in-side to drying it for the last damp. And here Hannibal the Cat has a funny habit, that he wants to make a cave for sleeping in-side. So sometimes, when I get home from work, I can find all my dry washing laying on the flour, after Hannibal the Cat afternoon nap.
Hannibal the Cat sound asleep in his cave of table cloth.

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