March 25, 2013

Apple trifle

This is an very, very easy dessert to make, which does not require any baking or freezing. You would need to make some apple mash/compote in advance (where the apple preparation is quiet time consuming), but when it an easy and fast dessert to do.

I normally serve this apple trifle in cocktail glasses as single servings.

Apple trifle:
  1. Start by filling a layer of crushed macaroons into the glass
  2. Afterwards fill apple mash/compote on top, approx half the glass should be filled.
  3. Filling a second layer of crushed macaroons on top.
  4. Followed by a second layer of apple mash/compote.
  5. The last finishing touch is a top layer of whipped dairy cream.
  6. The dessert is ready to be served.

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