March 24, 2013

What to make in your kitchen for the upcoming Easter 2013

Easter tree 2012 in my front garden

Today it is Palm Sunday, which is the start on Easter week and at the same time big vacation here in Denmark, as we Danes are having Thursday to Monday off from work. The Easter of 2013 is located in the very end of March month, which this year is quiet cold and dominated by snow. So this year Easter will be spend inside instead of outside in the garden digging and cutting as the first garden work, so I have no even decorated any Easter trees in my garden.

In case you are on the look out for ideas for various kitchen creations, I am sharing a few Easter related food stuff.

Easter egg with nougat and liquorice (dark chocolate eggs) and Easter egg with elder flower (white chocolate eggs).
Easter butter cookies with saffron and milk chocolate

Easter tree in my garden 2012

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