March 04, 2013

Relaxing with cheese tapas

Inviting guests around for dinner on Friday evening after a full working week, can easily demand too much of a work effort: driving home from work on the motorway full of digestions hurdles, cook dinner and make an inviting table before guests are knocking on the door !!!! You easily end up being stress and are not able to relax and enjoy the good company of your friends. And therefore you decide not to invite any guests at all.

The solution for me is to contact my local "cheese pusher", where I collect some excellent cheese tapas from Osteriet, Vejle. And as preparation the evening before I make a bread dough, which can raise cold either outside or in the refrigerator, followed by raising at ambient temperature, after I return home and bake the bread approx 30-45 minutes, before the guests should arrive.

Laying the table is quiet often seen as an invitation for Hannibal the Cat to show him self off, as he will lay in full body in the table cloth, so the guests can praise him on his good look !!!

Show off by Hannibal the Cat

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