June 23, 2013

Blooming elder flowers

Hannibal the Cat with the elderflower harvest of 2013

The elder tree are standing like Christmas tree full of bright lights in form of fragrant clusters of elder flowers along the roads, paths basically everything in the green surroundings here in Denmark.

So it is time for you to pick your own elder flowers for making the following fantastic flavour full elderflower things in your kitchen.

As usual Hannibal the Cat decided to join in on my hunt for elderflower in the surroundings, following me and my harvest basket like a little dog even though he is a cat !
Hannibal the Cat approving the harvest

And when the harvest of elder flower was done, Hannibal the Cat was busy putting his scent-marks on the basket with elderflower by rubbing his head everywhere. We just managed to get inside again in my little kitchen, before it started to pour down with rain.

You can easily infuse your tea with elder flower. First you make your usual cup of black tea. Afterwards you infuse this cup of tea with one-two elder flowers for 1-2 minutes. It gives you a refreshing flower flavour.

Another tea option is Elder flower First Flush

Not a year without making this wonderful elder flower cordial a la Palle, which you afterwards to use for the following drinks:

hylde for de vilde = elder for the wild ones, which easily could be you :-) or if you are "bobble-lady" like me should make Elder Flower Royal

or you could use the elder flower cordial for baking these muffins with another summer guest in form of rhubarb

For cooking purpose in the kitchen you could try to make raspberry vinegar with elder flower.

I will for sure make a portion of elderflower cordial a la Palle as usual, but I will also be making two other new recipe with elderflower as focus ingredients, so look into my virtual kitchen from time to time in the coming period, and I will share these new recipes with. However, I will already now share two clue with you: black tea and salt !!!! Do you have any idea, what I will be making ?

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