June 26, 2013

Elder flower tea - faileur

Last Christmas I made my very own Christmas Tea, so I decided it could be fun to make my very own summer tea taking inspiration from tea with fresh elder flowers, as such a summer tea would last longer than the season of fresh elder flowers.

10 July 2013:
2 weeks after I mixed this tea, I noticed, that the liquid from the elder flowers had turned the loose tea leafs into one big lump and at the same time I could see yeast growing in this tea !!!!! So please not make this tea yourselv !!!! I will be reworking this specific tea recipe to address this issue !!!! 

Christmas Tea: - 100 g tea
  • 100 g Earl Grey tea
  • 3 limes (organic) - only the peel
  • 5 stems of elder flowers
  1. Use a potato peeler in order to remove the peel in a thin layer of the limes
  2. Dry the lime peel at 75'C for 1 hour
  3. Cut the dried lime peel into small pieces. I used a scissor for this purpose.
  4. Mix the tea with the small pieces of dry lime peel.
  5. Use a scissor to cut off the small elder flowers from the stems,
  6. Mix everything together in glass, which is air tight.
  7. Let the tea stand for a few hours, before making the first cup/pot of tea.

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