June 10, 2013

Afternoon tea in the garden

Home-made lagkage - cream cake with layers inside - have you notice the pink colour everywhere ?
Yesterday was a beautiful Summer day here in Denmark and I spend the afternoon drinking afternoon tea in my little "park" together with some of my great friends.

As usual I had to borrow the majority of the garden furniture from one of my neighborough´s garden, as my two garden chairs can not accommodate 6 persons in one seating! My neighbour and I have the agreement, that if she is not at home, I will just pick up here cafe-style furniture and take it with me. That is a great neighbour to have :-)

Sparkling drinks with or without alcohol
We started off by having a sparkling drink, so we could toast and wish our "world traveller" welcome back in Denmark for a short remark, before she heads off again. The sparkling were available both as non-alcoholic version in form of sparkling water with rhubarb cordial with orange and star anise or the alcoholic version in form of sparkling wine with the Italian Aperol.

Afterwards we laid the bottom with a freshly baked tea buns (without any tea inside, but good company for cup of tea).

Tea bun
After the tea bun it was time for the first master piece of the afternoon - home-made cream cake with different layers inside and fantastic marzipan pink cover with three yellow roses. Great cake and a BIG thank you to the baker behind this cake. And this time I had locate the George Jensen cake knife :-) So no remarks from my good friends in Horsens about the lack of a cake knife !!!!! Well perhaps that you sgtill are missing the cake forkes ?

The second master piece of the afternoon was The Ultimate Strawberry Cake. I will be sharing this cake recipe in connection with June virtual Tea Time Treat tea table, so here I have finished the quest of making the perfect strawberry cake.
THE ultimate strawberry cake

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