June 11, 2013

Potato jungle in my kitchen garden

The potato jungle
The potato pots next to the herb pots
The potatoes, which I planted approx 6 weeks ago, have almost turned their potato pots in a green potato jungle !!! I have gentle looked into the inner pots to see, what is going in the earth, but it is still to early to start eating my own potatoes.

Also the strawberries plants are having small greenish strawberries growing, so more patience is demanded by me, before I can enjoy my own strawberries as well.
Small green strawberries

And this week-end two small tomatoes plants moved into the terrace area, where they are standing next to the south facing house wall. I have got hold of a cherry tomato plant and a balcony tomato plant. So no Greek tomato this year, after the Greek tomatoes declined to growth unprotected in the traditional Danish Summer.

After two though Danish Winters in row, the fig has decided to stay in my garden for another year and I have noticed at least two small figs, which are growing on the fig.

The two apple trees are also having small apples on them, so all in all it looks like a fruitful Summer in my little kitchen garden/park.
Two small tomato plants

Two figs in evening sunshine

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