January 02, 2014

Welcome to January - the second month of Winter

Traditional Danish Winter weather
 Welcome to January 

After a December month full of Christmas activities, living candlelight, gift, get to getter with family and friends, the reality of real life is hitting us again hard on with the arrival of January, where some people are struggling with body increase from heavy calorie intake and/or low money supply due to massive spending of money during the Christmas season (the fifth season here in Denmark) !!!

The great thing about January is, that the day length here in Denmark is increasing day by day with something between 1 minutes in the beginning of the month and up to 5 minutes very single day in the end of January :-) And you can really feel it day by day at the end of the month, as the day light is increasing with ½ hour during one week !!!

Well I will NOT be sharing any recipes on low calorie food/cakes with you during this month of calorie control. My focus be on sharing some recipes of stews and casseroles, as we all could be getting something warming during a cold Winter month.

And I will start by sharing these two recipes on some warming meals with you:

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