January 04, 2014

Cherry-Bergamot Cocktail

I got the inspiration for this cocktail during a business trip to France in April 2013, where I in connection with a dinner enjoyed this type of a drink as an appetiser.

When I asked about the composition, I was told, that the drink contain creme de bergamot (= bergamot liqueur), cherry liqueur and sparkling wine. It took me and my French work colleagues approx 6 months, before I had a bottle of creme de bergamot in my procession !!!!

First I went looking in various supermarkets in Paris on my own without any luck at all. When a good French colleague of mine went looking for creme de bergamot in other supermarkets, still without any luck.
However, my colleague was when able to locate creme de bergamot through a web-based shop, so she "down-loaded" 2 bottles of creme de bergamot on my behave, as it was cheaper to buy 2 bottles instead of 1 bottle due to shipment cost.

Next step was when to get the bottles of creme de bergamot transported from Paris to Denmark. This transportation step meant involvement of a second French colleague, who in connection with meeting activity in Denmark was entrusted with the transport of the creme de bergamot. The bottles arrived safely at my work desk without being a big surprise to any of my work colleagues, as they are used to similar involvement of my colleagues, when I have my heart set on something much need, which can not be found in Denmark.

My wonderful girl friends from the Christmas lunch are all sending MERCI BEAUCOUP to my French work colleagues to all their involvement in getting this creme de bergamot all the way from France to Denmark.

One thing is to know, what type of ingredients is used in a drink, the next important issue is to define the ratio between these ingredients. So I started off small amounts of both creme de bergamot and cherry liqueur, which was topped off with sparkling wine. When all the participant in Christmas lunch got a individual colour straw, so we all at once to taste the cocktail and discuss modification to it. We got the final composition in the third attempt.

I did not need to get cherry liqueur in from France, as Denmark is having their own excellent production of cherry wine such as Frederiksdal kirsebærvin.

I used a dry sparkling wine for this cocktail, I would suggest to use a semi-sweet sparkling wine instead off to get some more sweetness and fruitiness in this cocktail.

I will really the flavour combination of creme de bergamot and cherry liqueur :-) A great cocktail to start off an excellent meal.

Cherry-Bergamot Cocktail:
  • 1½ teaspoon Creme de Bergamot
  • 1½ tablespoon cherry liqueur
  • sparkling wine
  1. Start by pouring the creme de bergamot and cherry liqueur in a champagne glass.
  2. Fill up the glass with cold sparkling wine.
  3. Cheers

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