January 01, 2014

The last meal !!! of 2013

Ready - steady - eat
The transition from 2013 to 2014 was celebrated together with my good friends living in Horsens enjoying a 3 course "take - away" New Year´s menu from Mad hos Mads´ (nytårsmenu).

The food was very, very easy to prepare, only the appetizer and the main course required to heating up in the oven for something between 5-12 minutes. And the dessert was ready to serve without any further need for decoration !!!

The New Year´s menu was started with the appetizer, which was a 3 course fish tapas dish.
Ballotine of lobster and brill with herbal rind (the green lawn with a happy smiley t top of plate) together with easy smoked cod with crispy fennel salad and almonds to the left and to the right edible crab in crispy ball with aiole. We received so mush aiole, that the entire plate became decorated with it. 

The lobster ballotine had a great taste and texture, so it became my favourite part of these three fish tapas.

The main meat part of the main course was roasted bouef of beef tenderloin with lemon flavour twist (uuhhmm), a kind of a potato cake made from thin slices of potatoes being pressed with winter truffle and 
fungal cream served with a sauce from red wine and shallots. Watercress and chips of blue potatoes was the decorative element.

The final touch of the excellent menu was the sweet part (dessert) in form of Chocolate Cocktail, which was made from 3 times Valrhona chocolate. So layers of three different chocolate was served in a glass decorated with freeze-dried raspberries, so very intense blueberries pure reduction and crunchy chocolate crips bread style.

In total I ended to with paying approx 39 € for the entire great tasting menu incl the almond cake for the actual transition from 2013 to 2014 excl. wine. I will give this New Year menu 6 stars.

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