November 25, 2014

A full kitchen

It is approx one week ago that I could move into a new kitchen, and all the many empty drawers and shelves are now full up to the very top !

I am very happy about my new kitchen:-) It is so MUCH BETTER than expected based on my imagination from all the various photoes, drawings, test samples of grip, tile and table surfaces. The kitchen now looks so much bigger than it´s actual size of 7 m2 due to the fact, that the top cabinets and refrigerator unit continues all the way up to the ceiling combined with all the white goods are built-in units, so the kitchen looks like one big surface.

At the same time all light spots in wall cabinets and in the new hood brings an amazing light for working in the kitchen during the dark autumn evenings. It is just fantastic. Now I "just" need a "surplus" on the bank account again or a work bonus, so I can replace the ceiling lamp with two new lamps.

All  my many glass things and ceramics are now on display in this glass cabinet with glass shelves and built-in light.

Various kitchen utensils have now found a place in a new wall shelf, so they do not take up work space on my kitchen table.

Unfortunately, there is no space to exhibit all my many metallic tins, so here I must make rotation plan, so they in turn can decorate the kitchen design

The majority of all my cookbooks have also found a place. However, I need to use a stool or stepladder to get hold of them.

    The "correct" granite table top has been treated with anti-stain liquid, so the surface is sealed off against liquids. Anti-stain liquid is something of a toxic cocktail that neither should be consumed or inhaled or come in contact with the water environment or on the skin. However, the liquid is OK for food contact !!!

    The following things remain on the to-do-list:
    • Replacing the black granite counter top with a "real" light granite countertop including the kitchen sink. The original tabletop snapped namely under the neckline.
    • Set up the glass half wall at the hob.
    • Set up the ceramic tiles on the wall below the wall cupboards. So here I am living with a "cool industrial look".

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